Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm an art person, and my biggest inspiration is God.
I always think He is a great artist
Every little thing He creates is an artwork

The sky.I always favorite twilight, with its orange sky.
Imagine how creative God is,
each day, different painting.

He puts His artworks secretly
over more than a million species of flower petals,
each a different one

But most of all, i introduce you, to the greatest masterpiece in existence
b u t t e r f l y
I envy butterflies for their graceful beauty
Beside them the flowers look dull :)

I always think they are living canvases for God's creation :)

Behind every good art there is a philosophy

I always wonder why does God make a creature that astonishingly beautiful
Has to go through a certain period where nobody wants them nor likes them

Why do they live that long as an ugly caterpillar to turn into a pupa
to be reborn as a magical beauty
enjoying them for a few days have some eggs then die?

Well there's a lesson, everyone, that God is trying to teach us
in every single simple things He creates
you HAVE TO work hard to gain your success
to reach your dream

that's it.
it's written.

I'm on the caterpillar stage of my life
school is damn frustrating and it keeps stealing my life away
I have to give up my family time over and over again
and my supposedly fun hedonistic youth

But hell, that is LIFE

I know this will be worth it
I'm gonna turn into a butterfly

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