Friday, February 19, 2010


One Friday night (19-02-2010) me and dear siblings decided to have one quality time hanging out together after all the busy world with our ownselves.

We left with happy faces. I drove. My sister as the codriver. My brother just got home from school and he was too tired so he just slept all the way.

But it was raining.Heavily i barely could see! Duh.And the rain turned into rainstorm.
And the rainstorm turned into flood. A full-motorbike-tire-high water level on the road.
And in case u don't know, in surabaya FLOOD = TRAFFIC JAM

Yeah rite, we prayed along the way so the machine won't stop, we rode a sedan for God's sake :(
But thanks to the prayer and my driving skill (full gas all the time!!) we arrived at gm safely after 1.5hour drive (oh and my little brother was so nice, he was sleeping all the time, ha!). Then we go walking-walking shopping-shopping (hahahaha like one of my schizophrenic patient said) But that was not the only problem. A bigger problem was waiting. I found out the road wasn't the only one flooded. My car was too :'( It was literally a pool :(

Sooo the next morning me and my dad had a little daddy-daughter time draining those nasty water out of my lady. we had to take the carpets and even the backseat out :(

This is how my Lady look like know, hahaha, i have to keep the doors open so the sun will dry all the damped carpets and seat otherwise it will left nasty smell on my car!!

So dear Mayor, Mr. Bambang, all Surabaya citizens are waiting for your move to fight this classic same old never solved problem :) This is just one simple damage caused by the flood. There are more problems for those car-less citizens out there. For more people the pool is not in their car, but in their house. Sometimes the house is in the "pool". We support you, but we need to see a move. Go go go Sparkling Surabaya, I want to see you as a clean, healthy city, hopefully SOON :)

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