Friday, March 12, 2010


Let me tell you it is not the wisest idea. Okay, time ticks away like hell and with all the hectic schedules there are something here n there I haven't managed to finish. Let's list down the things i gotta do....
1. Submitting the internal medicine paper about typhoid fever, handwritten!!! OH PUHLEASE... this is the era of technology mameeeenn.... okay you want to prevent us from the copy-paste thingy, but let me tell u, what I'll do is rewrite my copy-pasted printed paper, muhahahahhahaaa. They're not gonna read it anyway! Oiya, fyi, I got this extra ass as a punishment because I forgot to sign the presence paper before morning report, so I'm reminding you guys who haven't passed internal medicine department, don't forget to sign before the report starts, everyday from mon to fri at 8 o clock sharp!

2. Retaking the odontogram photos for forensic department
Aaaaargghh another silly mistake! So in this department beside all the visum et repertum n autopsy reports and the referat presentation, all the clinical posting seniors have to submit their own odontogram, means close up photos of your teeth from the front and side view, upper and lower jaw, and they don't want blurred photos, they don't want shadow, not too much light, blah2, they have to be able to see what you write in the odontogram report from your photos. We have submitted that long long time ago then suddenly they called us and told us the photos weren't good enough so we have to retake them. Aaaaaarggghh!

3. Making powerpoint for GELS teaching exam tomorrow
Okay, this is the priority. The exam is tomorrow and i need a 10min powerpoint presentation for my teaching exam and I don't even have the material :( sigh sigh sigh!

4. Asking for the supervisor of Interna 1 ward to sign my case report before submitting it to the secretariat.

5. Study, study, study... I haven't even finished reading the phantom book and the PDT, and it is the end of 3rd week already in obsgyn department!! since I won't be able to study optimally during the last 3 weeks (it's Tambakrejo and 2 weeks of VK) so i got 2 weeks left! Help!

Yeayeayeah I think that should be all for now, I have to start making the powerpoint for tomorrow... Wish me luck everybody! 1 moral, for all of you the soon-will-be clinical posting senior, or you who are already a clinical posting senior, or well, simply for everybody, it is not a good idea to procrastinate! You are just putting a bigger burden for later by doing so, and trust me, the result won't be good when you're doing all at once. I know it's hard, but we have to try. You can put some things on hold, pend this and that, not doing it right ahead, but it is called planning, and by the time you promised you'll do that, do that. Or else you see what's happening to me. So see y'all!!

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. ~Don Marquis

You may delay, but time will not. ~Benjamin Franklin

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