Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is what I have to admit my mood to be just like.

One time I am so happy, the next second I'll be mad as hell.
I can go from laughter to tears like in a flash.
From ecstatic to meltdown, from summer to winter, in a blink of an eye.
Now who's to blame?
I am sorry for those around me who have to be the victims.
But how am i supposed to control this?
I can't handle canceled plan, sudden changes of things, but they do happen! all the time.
And aren't I supposed to be used to it?
But why still it annoys me every now and then?
Oh and I'm not good at pretending and faking so once my mood is ruined, it broadcasts.
I'm such a selfish, I need to change :(

The highest roller coaster in the world: Kingda Ka; Jackson,NJ,USA: 456 feet /139m height - really wish to go there :) For comparison, Halilintar in Dufan, Jakarta, Indonesia is less than 33 m height (wow)

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