Thursday, May 6, 2010


One cute little birthday present from dearest cousin Seruni Sekarkinasih :)

Miss Charity, as I named her, will not be functioning as a usual piggy bank.
She will be guarding the living room table, opens to any form of money from anyone who lives in and visits the house (including boyfriends :p)
Any neglected coins usually found on the floor, on the tables, will go inside Miss Charity.
When you feel your wallet and your purse is jostled with heavy coins or ugly paper money, Miss Charity will gladly welcome them :)

Then on every 27th of every 2-3 months (our birthday yipiieys!) I promise to empty Miss Charity and give away all the money to random people whom I think need it.

So I hope this work!
Thanks, dear cousin, for the lovely gift, xoxo :)

"Charity begins at home"
-Proverb Quotes-

p.s. 4th day without him! Luckily days have passed swiftly so far, thanks to the superhectic hospital days! Also got plan to spend this weekend, a hiking trip with dear friends. So 5 more days won't be that hard! ;) Still, I miss him and the laughter he always brings to the air. And, it rains a lot here without him! All I need to wait is the rainbow ;) Take care there!

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