Saturday, May 1, 2010

Officially Twenty Something

I was officially 21 :)

Had a superb day surrounded by those beautiful people around me! I couldn't be happier. I had all that I needed and most of all that I wanted in my life. I love my life so much! and so grateful to Allah SWT for granting me this chance to enjoy His countless blessings till now. I had amazingly loving family, besties, lover and partner in one, and hopefully this year I will achieve my biggest dream, to be a doctor, yippiey! Hope everything will be going fine! I cannot wait to do something useful for others with my capacity. Being 21, trust me the only wish u have is to be able to stand on your own legs, to participate in the real community, to prove everybody that u are all grown up and ready, for the world :)

So the day started simply beautiful, waken up by greetings from my wonderful family. Went to the hospital got "happy birthday, bestwishes" here n there, glad everybody remembered! Then got home, met my-part-time-lover-full-time-friend with all these surprises ;)

All my favourite things! xoxo

And my phone did not stop ringing and vibrating, you know, with blackberry, wishing happy birthday is easy! by twitter you just retweet, by facebook you post a wall, don't forget the old ways, call and text messages! My battery surely went low fastly hahaha thankies all!!! luv u all!! sorry i cannot reply them one by one but i really do wish all the happiness return to u!! I always appreciate them who took time arranging the birthday words to make it personal, and here's some random snap from my blackberry :)

and like it wasn't enough, my girls Glu n Ezy gave me this cute top as a gift :) love it so much! thanks girls! been missing u all so bad after all the busy world! xoxo

*missing u girls so much!!*

Then to end the day, a family dinner to celebrate our gratefulness to Allah SWT for the three of us who had been given chance to breathe the air for another full year! Happy birthday also to dear sister Rizka (09/04/2010) and Pakde Piet (27/04/2010), Wish us all the best for the rest of our ages!

I love you all, thanks for making me who I am today

But those nostalgic schooldays
Which have sped so swiftly by
Have seen you reach twenty one
All in the blinking of an eye.

So think about your future
Special things to see and do
New faces and new challenges
Just waiting there for you.

For twenty one is a milestone
And it marks another turn
Today's a day for celebration
See those candles burn

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