Thursday, November 4, 2010

Progress : Project Orphanage

Wow, things have been going hectic this past several days, with the preparation of my parents going haji, so they're leaving the house for 1month, preps for the competence examination within two weeks, and of course, the orphanage project.

Been struggling with the topic the orphanage requested... I have soften the topic to : Reproductive System Health, then I'll try to slip some of the homosexuality and masturbation issue into it... hahaha here's some sneak peak!
Oh and when I said "struggling", I did mean it! Because as u know, masturbation or 'hand practice' or 'self service' is forbidden in Islamic law. So when they requested the topic "Effect of masturbation to health", I was pretty sure they wanted it to be negative, which is to discourage the students from doing the 'self service'. But frankly saying, I really didn't know what was the negative effect. I'd heard some myths about it, that masturbation can cause impotency in later life, but after all, they'd been proven wrong! The only real negative effect is that it can cause abrasion on penis' skin cause the hands got no lubricant the way the vagina does (OMG --") Sooo after long and winding search I finally got some as u can see above! The effect of chronic and addictive masturbation, ha ha ha! Planning on preparing some gifts for those who can answer my quiz after the presentation also... Wish me luck, everybody :)

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