Monday, November 1, 2010

Project : Orphanage

I was honoured but confused when about three days backwards I got a text message from my aunty telling me that an orphanage near her house, funded by a well-known "ustadz" in Surabaya, was going to hold a health promoting program, and they asked if I can help presenting one or two topics about teenage health. The event is due next Friday (5/11/2010). The orphanage was one like a pesantren (islamic boarding school). And what made me confused and a little nervous is because when I asked what is the "trending topic" among the students in an islamic boarding school like that, my aunty answered, why don't you go with the sexual health, and the maleficence of gay/lesbians issue? I was like "What??" Seriously, are you kidding me? to present a topic like that among the santri (that's what they call the orphans who studied at the boarding school/pesantren) is rather taboo, I guess. But my aunty said it really is the problem nowadays, because the atmosphere and the lack of exposure to the opposite gender. So I guess I have to find a way to soften up the issue and discuss it from the medical view, phew! Got any idea? wish me luck, guys! Will update soon!

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