Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big HELLO to 2011!!

Hey hey readers, are you excited for the new year 2011??? I am!! But have you look back to your 2010? Well.. I have, here you go, as always, my 2010 review:

*This is one of last year resolutions that I completed! I finally joined a fitness center :p That is, for someone like me, a really big achievement yeay!! I started about 3 months ago and feel fitter than ever thanks to treadmills and yoga mat! :)

*I finally finish my 5 year medical education at FK UNAIR, on time. This really is my biggest dream, and I finally made it. I am so happy that I can make my parents proud. And I also passed the National Competence test I attended. 2010 was indeed a BIG YEAR for me!

*Our family welcome the newest members, introducing, Gareng and Milan! Two cutest babies :pthis is Gayeeeeng :*
and this is Milan ;)

*I was asked to be the speaker for a seminar in an islamic boarding school regarding reproductive health. Thought I did quite a good job there! the audience were very excited and asked so many things!

*I started painting again, finally! After all the hectic years as a medical student that kept me off my old hobbies, now with all the free time, I'm able to be back in touch with them :)

My recent painting, inspired by the purple roses from Mr. Rainbow :)

*And it was a big year also for my parents because they went haji, really happy for them because it's been their dream for so long :) so glad it went well and that they came home safely. This also put me in charge at the house for a month, and I realized it was far from easy to do the parents job. Made me respect them even more!

*And 2010 was special too, for my bf. He also achieved his biggest dream, after months of working at Perak Health Center emergency room, he took the test for specialist education in October and was finally accepted as a resident in Urologic Surgery department of Airlangga University. So happy and proud of u, dear! Hope everything goes well and you'll finish the study on time :)

*The most memorable holiday to Singapore with my brother Dimas, my sister Rizka, Agung, Danang, thanks to you guys!! My first trip out of the country without parents :)

*The sad part, I got really sick in the middle of my Senior Clinical Posting, probably because of the hectic routines and all the shifts, I didn't have enough sleep and proper eating, so my doctor asked me to improve my lifestyle, he even told me to gain my weight (hahaha, I don't know why but I was flattered :p) so it was a hard time back then, but thanks Allah SWT, I still managed to deal with school stuffs and pass the exams.

*I lost my Blackberry. Again. Replaced it with my own saving. Enough said :( :( :(

**For batch 2005 Medical Faculty Airlangga University, 2010 was indeed a tough year. We've been played around with so many issues about the upcoming internship, the lack of preparation that got us neglected for almost 3 months now. This, I must say, is the worst part of 2010. And we are still looking forward to the real deal. Please don't make us wait any longer!

Hmm I think those were some things that left some impression for me during 2010. Many-many more things actually happened, too much to write down! There are some resolutions I completed, some weren't, but overall I am really really grateful for everything He put me through. Now I'm ready to close the book, learn from mistakes, and rock 2011!! Now how about your 2010?? go on and share!

*Btw spent the New Year Eve barbeque-ing at home, watching dvd with fams, Mr. Rainbow, sister and her friends :)



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