Monday, December 27, 2010

People are being too Harsh

Hey readers :)

I'm not that much of a sport girl, I don't normally watch sport games, especially football, unless it's World Cup or it's my national team playing in AFF final, well, you can say it's rare :p Like I said, I don't understand much football, all I know is just it's a teamwork games, to win you need a solid team of 11, a coach with precise strategy, strengthen by 1-2 star player, and of course SUPPORTERS. Look, supporters play great role. The true supporters are there with the team, no matter winning or losing, good or bad play. I believe though all of us are disappointed with the 0-3 lost to Malaysia during the 1st leg of AFF final, many still have trust on the team. We don't expect a 4-0 anymore (though it will be the best gift for Indonesia!) but we are looking forward to the strong, solid, and explosively vigorous team to play well and make the 2nd leg tomorrow an interesting game :) And so for the supporters, like one of my friend said on twitter, it's already a winning if tomorrow at GBK our supporters do not cause chaos.

What I felt when I watch the 3 goals at the 1st leg was, sympathy. Sympathy for the team players who have fought a loooong way to get there, with all the people in Indonesia, small people, big people, the press, the tvs, putting so much burden on their shoulders. I couldn' imagine how they felt at the end of the game. Moreover I couldn't imagine what will be the headlines of the media the next day. I was so sad already listening to the commentators on tv criticizing this and that, blaming this and that, not to mention the trending topics on some social networking blaming laser beams, threatening for a revenge whatsoever. But then, salute to the newspaper I subscribe at home, the headlines was shockingly supportive, so happy for that. It said: BELUM USAI. IT'S NOT OVER. It is, not over, everyone :) We can still walk away from this game as a runner up gracefully, or it is not impossible, be the champion!!

So please, stop talking and commenting negatively about our National Team or about Malaysian supporters, in times like this we don't need all your negativity! Be positive, be optimistic! Garuda (selalu) di Dadaku!



  1. dear,i'm luving ur entry!
    it is true..we dont need any negativity right now. just support you national team and have faith in them.hehe.. although the laser thingy is so embarrassing! ;p

  2. Yes! Congratulations Malaysia, they played well, they deserve the trophy:)But I am and will always proud of Garuda team!