Friday, February 18, 2011

Breastfeed Your Babies, Moms!

Helloo again readers :) Today's been a little unproductive. We came to the Health Center early to join the Friday morning aerobic but turned out all the staffs were out visiting a nurse's mother funeral. My biggest condolence to mbak Vita, hope your dearest mother rest in eternal peace :)

So the whole day we were just having our own discussion in the doctor room, discussing how to manipulate the full monday t0 saturday schedule so we can go home to Surabaya in turn --"

We also decided that our mini project will be related to increasing the percentage of exclusive breastfeeding in Desa Kilensari, considering the very low achievement point compared to the target of Panarukan Health Center. Most of the mothers gave their babies food or milk other than breast milk before they are 6 month old. This will certainly lead to malabsorption problem, resulting in malnutrition problem, thus enabling various infectious disease to attack easily and more severely. "The devil chain", we say :(

And today at the Therapeutic Feeding Center (TFC- the icon of Panarukan Health center) ,we got the proof right away. Two twin baby-girls came with their mother complain of bloating, and failure to gain weight during the last two months of Posyandu. At the history taking the mother said she does not breastfeed exclusively. The belief in their social environment is that to make your baby healthier and fatter, breastmilk is not enough, especially for twin babies. Therefore she gave them banana and porridge at 3 month old. That explained the bloating. During the measurement, we found that both babies were malnutrition, so we educate the mother about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding. Luckily, the mother was cooperative enough, and willing to stay at the TFC until the body weight/body length of both babies, become normal :)

Afterwork, I went cooking at the girls house, since today they renovate my room to put on an exhausting fan so I could not go home before it's finished. Got back home at about 9pm, and now, writing this post :)

Tomorrow the Health Center will hold a mass circumcision, and we are expected to help. Excited! Will update tomorrow. Now gotta go to bed...


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