Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Duty!

Hey readers! :)

I'm writing this during my first night shift at Panarukan Public Health Center (Puskesmas). Have been here since 2 p.m and now is 6.30 pm, and still no new patient hehehe.. don't know I have to be happy or sad because of that :p But my first impression of working here, is that the people are extremely welcoming and helpful. They are also very respectful to me as a doctor. They taught me some of the important medical words in Maduranese, and told me to make a small note of it. And they said I'm a fast learner! Happy :)

First week in Situbondo was so far so good, busy with the moving thing, make my room look right. There is this one concern, that my room was so humid that I think it's not healthy, I saw some fungi already formed colony :( So gotta talk to the landlady about this :( The landlady was very very nice, she bought me and my kost-mate Zarrah food almost every night hahaha I guess we will sleep with happy tummy every night! I also have joined the one and only fitness center in town together with Danang, my internship friend. It was extremely crowded and far more conventional and old-fashioned than the one I joined back in Surabaya, but at least there is a facility to keep us healthy :) Happy happy!

My group target for this week is doing the Preliminary Survey at Desa Kilensari (Kilensari village) as the place for my mini project. Wish me luck... Have to go back to the Emergency room for now :) Wait for more updates!


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