Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bike to Work yeay! :D

Since me and my group had moved to the hospital now, and it's quite near (well, actually VERY near :p) to our staying place so we decided to go BIKE TO WORK everyday yeayy :D

Niken and Titi have brought their own bike, while Vuri and me are still waiting for ours to come.. Excited! Yesterday we started and heyyy it was fun! It's been so long since the last time I rode some bike so need some adjustment and it's really harder when you are wearing heels, but we'll get used to it! hehehee. The only thing that's disturbing is that people were staring at us all the time. Maybe it's a strange view you know, wearing full office outfit and all... But don't care! As long as we have fun :D Will upload some pictures, wait up!

Life in hospital itself is quite interesting, since my first 3 weeks are spent in Obstetric and Gynecology department.. Helped some labors and checking out people's cervices, you know, I always have interest in obsgyn :) As for the other kiddos, Niken in internal medicine, Danang in Neurology, Titi in Surgery and Wildan in Pediatric, they didn't seem to enjoy that much but maybe it's just a matter of adjustment.. So we'll wait and see!

This week has been up and down, got some terrible news, my friend's father and my cousin's gf's mother, passed away on the same day :( I send my deepest condolence for Mita, her father was and will always be one of our greatest teacher... And to Kezia's mom whom I don't even know, but I'm sure that she was a great mom and strong woman. I really sincerely wish the best for them, rest in peace dear great parents.. And send my prayer also to two of the toughest girls I've ever known.. wouldn't have known what to do if I were in their position, even imagining is sooo much painful :( Be strong dears...

Their lost, slapped really hard on my face, reminding me what could happen anytime.. Made me burst into tears realizing how I am now far from my parents, and made me promise I wouldn't spend a day without contacting them. Come on everybody, let's greet your parents more often from now on! They'll be really happy, I'm 100% sure.

And... Yesterday I got great news from homeyyyy Surabaya... The awaited nephew had arrived to the world.. This little prince coming from Mas Rio and Mbak Linda my cousin :) Congratz bro, sist! Really sad I couldn't be there to meet Rafvan -so he'll be called- but really looking forward to it... Well, so I send all my prayers and best wishes for dear Rafvan, wishing him health and all blessings in the world :)

(Here's the only pic I have of Rafvan, he's beautifuuuullll! I cannot wait to see him!!)

It's Sunday morning and the sun is shining bright, a good way to start the day! I spent last night sleeping over at the girl's house watching dvd and now I'm still here, having a lazy Sunday morning... There aren't many ways to spend your weekend here.. Sleeping over and dvds and chit-chat with the girls are still the best way :D Actually planned to go to the park (alun-alun) to buy breakfast but we were to lazy, so we're staying at home and make some instant cream soup for breakfast instead. So... Bye for now I guess.. will see you soon! :) :)

Have a rocking Sunday!


p.s. I don't know what happened to my blogger but I lost the icon to justify the text (the alignment tools) :( that's why my last posts had been messy.. anyone knows how to fix it? thx..

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