Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Greatest Man :)

It was a cloudy afternoon, a pretty day, pretty date 1/11/11 when I received the shocking news. My beloved Grandpa passed away.. Bapak San, the way we all call him.H. Prof. DR. Rachmat Santoso, Sp. PA (K), the way people write his name on invitations , events, and literatures. I was so shocked that I couldn't think of anything that time, I didn't believe so I tried to reconfirm and reconfirm but eventually the news was true :') We've lost him. We've lost the greatest man in our lives. The date was pretty and it was slightly raining :)

Bapak San was a humble, friendly, smiley, yet brilliant and never stopped learning his entire life. His entertainment was always watching the news, reading National Geographic, his daily newspaper KOMPAS, or Reader's Digest. He was a Professor but never act nor look like one. He was the vigorous little man who used to walk to our house every Sunday Morning, and always asked for his fave drink hot plain green tea :') He was always keen on sharing his knowledge and experience to us children and grandchildren. Everybody who heard Grandpa's name would always tell us he was a really good man.

I will not write his biography here, what I would like to remember is not that he was a soldier fighting for Indonesia back then, nor that he was a Professor, or that he was the Dean of Faculty of Medicine for some periods, but the fact that he was always there for everyone, with his laughs, his stories, and his amazing ability to make everybody feel close to him, feel comfortable yet respectful near him. He remembers people's name, big people, small people, professors, doctors, friends of his children, friends of his grandchildrens. His love for science equals his love for family:)

One of the all-touching speeches before the funeral was given by dr. Imam Susilo, Sp.PA, a colleague, in the Hall of Medical Faculty Unair.
"Prof. Rachmat Santoso was a really dedicated man. And his love to Anatomic Pathology is beyond belief. During his retirements he still always came to the hospital, taught and shared difficult cases to the juniors. Everytime a new textbook was published, he bought one and put it in the library so that we all can read. Not rarely did he pay for the PA students to attend seminars. His love to nation, I think, everybody who knew him close enough would know, his hobby of sharing the stories of his battle for Indonesian Independence, while showing us pictures that he neatly kept in a small album. We have lost a person that had given so much to the world."

That was the most honest speech and it is really him. No more, no less:) Just the way we knew him.

Nothing can explain our love to you and how deep our condolence is, but we are ikhlas, because you actually left nothing unfinished, nothing unprepared, just us not ready :) Be happy there grandpa, we will see you in heaven :') The world really had lost one of their greatest humanbeing, a patriot, a mentor, a professor, a learner, a father, grandfather, grand-grandfather, uncle, anything you will name him.. we never actually lose you because the knowledge you shared, the amal jariyah you made, and the prayers from us your children will accompany you and more than enough memories to keep you in our hearts.

"0 Allah, forgive our dead and alive, our present and absent, our young and old, our male and female [Muslims]. 0 Allah, whomever among us You gave life, let him live with Islam. Whomever among us You took life from, let him die with Iman (Faith)”

"‘My Lord! Forgive me and my parents. Bestow Your mercy on them as they took care of me when I was young."

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