Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy (Forgotten) Heroes' Day :)

10 November in Indonesia is known and celebrated as "National Heroes' Day" to commemorate the battle between Indonesian nationalists militias and British Allied forces in Surabaya, East java, on November 10, 1945. This is the first large scaled armed conflict between Indonesia and foreign forces since our independence day on August 17, 1945. Since I am not in Surabaya today, so (luckily?) I miss the celebration that is annually held in Grahadi Surabaya, usually some ceremonies and parades dedicated to our National heroes. And since the Grahadi is located in the center of the city on the main road, these ceremonies always cause traffic due to road blockade.. hehehe. Do you know that almost every country celebrate their own heroes' day? You can read more HERE. Glad to see that the world seriously honor their heroes, an old quotes, I believe, says: "The strong nations are the ones who honor their heroes"

But personally.. I am not a big fan of those too ceremonial thingy, because after all they're just, well, ceremony. I believe not so long time ago, I just watched the news about a national hero's widow that is accused of some charges regarding the house that should be returned to the country once the veteran passed away. It is a public concern that our former heroes that is now old and fragile, living inappropriate life without anyone paying attention. We shouldn't have just honored them who died during battles, them who actually survived were actually kind of forgotten. So sad :( I even accidentally found this group in a social network called THE FORGOTTEN HEROES-PAHLAWAN YANG TERLUPAKAN. You guys might wanna check it out :)

Well soo.. I hope the government pays better attention to the veterans, they deserve a graceful life after what they did for our country. Happy Heroes' day!!

*pictures taken from "THE FORGOTTEN HEROES GROUP" -linked above*
They deserve decent life..

p.s. I really want to dedicate this post to my all time favorite REAL national hero since he'd just passed just a few days ago (my previous post), My beloved granpa Bapak San.. Happy Heroes' Day Granpa! :)

Last salute from the force and his friends :)

And one of his last warm smile I'll always cherish in my heart :)

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