Friday, November 18, 2011

Sneak Peak : My Essentials

Readers! :)

Probably you're all asking why I bother to write such blog like this. Well, I always love writing since I was little. I liked to write short stories and sent them to magazines, and got some of them published as well (Bobo, Mentari) ;) Writing, for me, is a therapy. To pour anything that goes through my mind. After a hectic or boring, fun or crazy day. This blog really is becoming my diary. Because there are moments that you want to remember, and some things you wanna share to others. I like re-reading my blog, because there are small details in those moments that I already forget and I recall only after reading my post written back then. I am really grateful I live in the internet era, where writing and publishing is easy, and free for everyone. There are space for everyone to show their creativity.

I love love loove blogwalking. There are some really great bloggers that I follow. Somehow I am so inspired by great things that they do and put on their blog, because I know they are all ordinary people like me who loves writing, and that what they put on their blog really exist in life, real and honest. I always prefer reading reviews from regular people rather than the experts. I agree with them more often :p Movie, books, beauty products, anything:) But of course we have to be selective.

Today's sneak peak into what's inside my bag.. I am a girl who refuses to leave home without my huge bag. I carry around the same bag everyday and my essential stuffs I cannot live without! That's why I hate to switch bags. Here you go :p

1. Brandless Drawstring Bag which is actually my sister's :p
2. Makeup case --> inside : Vanilla perfume, The Face Shop lipgloss, Clean n clear blotting paper, L'oreal infallible brown liner, loose powder. These are emergency kits for a woman really! :p
3. Phone case --> inside are my blackberry, Itouch and sometimes cdma phone.
4. Tissue, definitely a MUST! due to my hyperhidrosis, I really am one big contributor in tree extinction :( I'm really sorry, earth, for using so many tissues :(
5. Hand-San(itizer), my favorite brand Caress -Lavender, the only one that doesn't smell too strong... This is another must since I work at hospital, where you constantly exposed to those infectious germs..
6. Hair clip
7. Round brush --> another emergency kit :p
8. My huge fossil purse (Bf's gift! :*)
9. Vitamin C
10. My medical kit : stethoscope, rubber gloves, reflex hammer, penlight
11. Lastly, forget to take a pic, my room key! No.1 most important item hehe :D

Inside makeup kit

so those are my daily essentials, what's yours? :)

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