Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Bandung Escape - Day 2, Play Day

Holaa readers :)

Back again with my quick holiday review. Read my previous post here :)

Day 2, The Trans Studio
On day 2 we were welcoming more cousins yeaayyy so we decided to go to the famous Trans Studio. We've seen hell a looottt of it on TV, I think it's a great way to promote the new theme park. So despite having already visited the one in Makassar, I'm still curious about how this one is going to be different. We went there big team, probably 9-10 of us, I'm so lucky I have various aged cousins that are so solid and really great for hanging up together haha. Our team consist of Mbak Citra (the eldest, 25 y.o.) and the youngest ones Akmal n Sabrina (about 5-6 year old) but hey, we can have fun together! Amazingness! :D

Apparently the Trans studio in Bandung is much more fun than the one in Makassar, there are several attraction that is exactly the same, but a lot of them are different. If you've been to the Universal Studio Singapore, the theme park layout and design might ring a (lot of) bell, but that doesn't matter. It is indoor so you're sweat free, rain free, and tan-free :D If you're a loyal Trans TV watcher (like I am, since I don't subscribe to cable) you'll feel really familiar with their attraction names like "Dunia Lain", "Jelajah", "Bolang adventure" which are also the names of Trans TV programs. Here are some tips and tricks to spend a day there and some of our fave rides!

1) The entrance ticket costs IDR 150.000 for Monday-Friday and IDR 200.000 for Saturday-Sunday, including all the rides, no exception, but once you get out, you can't go back in. I think it's quite reasonable price, but they don't cut the price for smaller kids, soo Sabrina and Akmal had to pay full price :( Consider that. They don't allow you to bring ANY food/drinks, so have a decent breakfast before! The foods inside are quite pricey but hey, theme park typical, hehe. The payment system is using top up card, so you deposit some money at the entrance and later you can always top up if you run out. They'll refund if you don't spend all your deposit. BUT the refund cashiers are far far away in the Bandung Supermall Foodcourt, so for me, I prefer not depositing too much, just the amount that I will spend.

2) They'll nicely give you a map which shows you the direction to each attractions, and also provides the information of which one fits the smaller kids, which one needs an adult for the kids to ride, and which one is only for bigger kids. But don't worry you won't have to memorize cause before each attraction there will be signs.

3) Fave rides/must ride for bigger kids/adults:
-The Yamaha Racing Coaster, the roller coaster, the only outdoor attraction in the theme park. Level of scream: Maximal; Level of dizziness: 6/10, Speed: Maximal, Level of palpitation before riding it: Maximal. Level of wanting to ride again afterward: Maximal :D

-The Giant swing, I did not ride :p That's because I really dislike any ride that cause dizziness and nausea.. But for my cousins who doesn't have problem with their balancing system, I think they enjoy this so much!

-The Vertigo, did not ride, either :p For the same reason as Giant swing. If you've rode the Kicir-kicir in Dufan, this is exactly like that and I'd a terrible nausea after riding the Kicir-kicir, so it's a no for me, but again, for the others this seems like a really great ride!

-The Science center - Level of awesomeness: Maximal, Level of not wanting to get out of there: Maximal XD Feel like a kindergarten kids again, there are so many awesome facts displayed cutely in this section. My fave was the "Nail Bed" where you can literally lay on bed of nails and feel like "debus" XD and the laser harpa. What's yours??

-The Land of the Giant, Level of scream: Maximal, Level of wanting to ride again: Maximal

-Jelajah, this one is exactly like the one in Makassar, but still fun to ride! recommended! Me and my sist already know the tricks not to get wet :p But won't spoil it here, hahaha :D

-The Dunia Lain, well.. For me this isn't scary at all hahahaha. Been to worst :p But for my sister and some of my cousins they don't even dare to open their eyes! So for you who have the guts, this is a must!

Well I think that was it. We enjoy our time so much. Really there's a kid inside everyone of us. Enjoy! You can read more about Trans studio by visiting their official site HERE.

Se how we were having so much fun?? Hope u'll do too! Do visit on weekdays if possible because of the time efficiency (you don't want to queue that long, right?) ciao for now! Have a blast day!

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