Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Bandung Escape - Part 1, Shopping Day

Heyy readers :)

Had a 4-day Bandung trip 2weeks ago to attend my cousin's wedding (Congratz mas Adit-Dewi!) and here's a little review of the mini-escape!

The first impression.. Bandung was not as enjoyable as it used to be for a quick escape like this :( Mainly due to the visibly increasing traffic jam. Last time I went to Bandung was on March, about 8-9months ago, and just within that time I already notice that the roads were much, much, more crowded and so you cannot go to many places that you want just within a day. So you really need to plan your trip and go to places that is located in the same area or else you'll spent most of your time stuck in traffic.

First day-Shopping Day!
Me and my sister went to some local boutiques or nowadays it's called concept store, we'd been eyeing on. You know.. me and my sister are casual-but-still-don't-wanna-look-outdated-and-vintage-style-fashion junkie, and we really find problems finding those kind of clothes in Surabaya where we live.. It's a pity why our favorite clothing brands like cotton ink, picnic, is not available in stores here in Surabaya :( Our favorites were:

1).Widely Project located in jalan Riau, it is the stockist of clothes that we usually only able to buy online. We went there and yeayy it was like a closet full of our kind of clothes and dresses.. Shop shop shop!

2) Next we went to Happy go lucky, another shop with good quality local brands, price quite affordable. The building was so cuuute and uniquely designed (this is what I LOOVE about Bandung, the people are really creative in a cute way, that shopping experience is more than just shopping, but we were given a really enjoyable display view. Love love!

3) Pop Shop. Another popular concept store consists of fashion store (The Pop Shop), a cute barber corner, for your boyfriends who want a little shave while waiting their ladies shopping, called Barber Pop, and a finely designed cafe upstairs called Vanilla Kitchen and Wine, with a not-surprisingly affordable foods n desserts (Bandung typical! Nice place, affordable price) :). So it's a great one-stop weekend alternative. We tried their apple crumble, and it was yummmmm :) Love!

Here are some pics, hope you enjoy!

What I say unique displays.. cuteness! *Photos courtesy of Pop Shop and Happy Go Lucky*

*Photos courtesy of The Vanilla Kitchen and Wine*

*Me, my sist and my cousin at Vanilla*

Okay, gotta go prepare for my afternoon ER shift now, we'll continue my Bandung escape review on next posts, hope it helps! Ciao! :)

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