Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012, Hello future!!

Hey readers!

I'm kind of taken aback of how time superflies. Seriously. I really can't believe it's already 2012. I have so many plans hopefully to be achieved in 2012.. And those plans are supposed to change my life and are big decisions for my future. Soo... Need your help BIG TIME dear God... Bismillah :)

So.. How was your 2011? Mine was great! So here is how I spend the last day of 2011 :) A simple laid back day at home, cooking some pasta for the whole house with sister, it's penne with bolognaise sauce and extra extra meat n cheese :p

Then I (re)dyed my hair since the color has been so ugly and washed out. I usually dye my hair in the salon to avoid the mess, but since I've permed my hair, I want to be extra careful and treat my hair right, having it dyed in salon will not guarantee safe blowdrying and may ruin my wispy curl :p Chose the Garnier Nutrisse hair color in 42 Blackcurrant which is a violet based brown. I never dyed my hair black because I don't look good in superblack hair. So I always choose a 'lighter dark'. Result? quite satisfied! Special thanks to my sister :)

Next me and my BF went for a little barbeque at his house with the big famz, get to the countdown and yeay.. It's finally 2012! It was raining day and night so the roads were kinda wet and even flooded in some place, and weren't as crowded as I expected them to be on new year's eve. So, how did you celebrate yours? Happy new year everyone, hoping for a better, better year ahead for all of yous!

Lots of LOVE!

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