Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Curry House + Rescuing Cepot :D

Hey readers! Another daily post :D

Yesterday I tried a new restaurant called "Curry House" (well, not exactly new, but new to us :p) located in jln. HR Muhammad, on the 2nd level of PAPAYA supermarket. My bestie i'ie told me about this place and she said it was recommended so we went there. Never realized there was such a cute place hidden in a supermarket hehe. It was a nice little place with a strong Japanese feel, even the waitresses wore such cute costume :D They serve various curry-based meals, but I'ie said her fave was Oxtail curry and Chicken Karage curry. We could choose the spiciness level of the curry. BF went "very hot" and I went "mild" hehe as usual :D And the resuuult.. well, we gave it 7 out of 10. Quite nice but not that nice that we wanna come back soon :D But it's recommended if you want a new atmosphere. We actually thought that the curry tasted exactly like Sate Padang :D

Another updaaate... Cepot has grown so big and nimble, he's always busy playing and running around, and suddenly this morning we heard a suspicious noise from the roof,"GLODAKKK!!" and tarraaa... there he was! Peeking at us and unable to get off the roof --" Mommy Milan and my mom was so worried that they kept yelling at us to pick him up, so Daddy came to the rescue... Climbing a stair, with all of us watched anxiously... And only after he lured him with snack did Cepot come and Dad could finally get him :D Cuteness overload!

And again... Informing you all that Mommy Milan is currently pregnant and soon Cepot is gonna have siblings! But we cannot afford too many cats.. So if you are a cat lover and looking for a new kitten (Persia-Anggora) Just let me know ;)

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