Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello New Life :)

Finally, done internship :) After one "tough" year in Situbondo, I have finally moved back to Surabaya. Thank you so much Situbondo people, it's been an unforgettable experience. Especially for my dearest team-mates, I will miss you all so much! We are family and family don't say goodbyes, they say I'll miss you till we meet again! :)

Now done for the mellow part, time to move on to the next big step in my life. After spending much time contemplating and discussing with people close to me, I finally decided to continue my education to take a specialist degree. And since the test will be held in the end of March-April, so I guess I'm gonna be a little busy :p The administration only already wasted so much time to take care of, so many documents needed. For this I special thank Danang, my-kinda-stick-together-forever friend who had helped so much, I hope we both succeed!

so that's the quick update, readers :D See you in next posts!


  1. Selamat dan sukses selalu din! Ikut seneng, mau ngambil spesialist apa?

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