Friday, March 9, 2012

The Best for Us

WARNING: Pics loaded post.

There's no better way to describe our too long togetherness than these pics (and still many more of them!)..
You know, people say it's impossible for a male and female being pure bestfriends but indeed it happens :) Me and my guy-bestfriend Danang has been together since junior high, but we became close in senior high school, being in the same class. We shared the same interests and sense of humor. We were the two youngest students in the class. Things that pissed us off were similar. We had the same problems, always wanted a little attention, wanted to be the best in class but unfortunately never succeeded because there were always smarter and more determined people :p We were both a little body dysmorphic, I wanted to be skinny and he wanted to be muscly, so we went to gym together :D He knows all my guilty pleasure and I know his. He hated people that I hated and so did I back in the "childhood". And And we've grown up together, time passed, I changed boyfriends several times and he did too, but we kept friends effortlessly :D

And now finally, we are both surpisingly, but unavoidably having the same interest and ambition, to be a cardiologist. He's been dreaming to be one since the beginning of medschool, I just found out during internship year. But apparently, it is harder than we thought :( We have to compete against so many others to be admitted as cardiology resident.. And this makes us now not only bestfriends, but also rival. It makes me scared, really. The best scenario is, dear God, please, to be admitted together. But. If our faith says another, and I am sure whatever the result is, it's what's the best for us both. I sincerely hope our friendship will last, and we'll still help each other like we used to, like we do now. So readers, please wish us luck!

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