Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just a Regular Saturday at the Sinjay :D

Had a great date with both bf and bestie! Happiness! We went to the famous fried duck stall/small restaurant in Bangkalan Madura... Everybody love Sinjay... Athough the customer service system there is actually "GEJE" or we say it's actually crazy.. there are no clear queue so we have to "compete" with other customers to get our plates of fried duck+rice... No table number so the waitress/waitresses are delivering the orders by memory... But they're addicting and the rush queue system is probably one of the attracting factor of this stall.. You know, the sensation of "fighting" over your food :p It is proven, the place is aaaalways crowded and the customers are from all different cities! Amazing Madura :D

So have you been there? If you haven't then you should! ;D