Monday, March 26, 2012

Strength and Weakness

Two days ago I went through a psychological/personality test, which was one of the long march of tests needed for the Specialist admittance. The test required us to mention 5 of our weakness and strength in term of character/personality. It got me thinking for a while before I was finally able to jot them down. The difficult part wasn't finding my weakness nor my strength, because I've lived long enough to know myself. But putting it down to a paper is like making a big confession. I was scared If i wrote down the truth, they would judge me only based on that. But then hey, it came to my mind that probably, probably they wanted to see if we were confident enough to pronounce our strength, and if we were brave enough to confess our weakness. So I just wrote them down eventually.

What I claimed to be my strength:
- consistent
- calm/not panicky
- hard working
- creative
- loves challenge/adventurous

What I confess to be my weakness:
- careless
- not organized
- some kind of introvert
- forgetful
- moody/impatient

So what are yours? :)

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