Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Little Kittens :)

Welcoming three new members of the family :)

Yes, meet the three little kittens! They're 2week-old and still so fragile yet already showing their cuteness! The two of them are female, my sister said (she's the expert!). Haven't got them name yet, just call the fattest one "Gembul", the pink-nosed one "Pinky" and the black-and-white-faced one "Polem" (cause it looks like having sideswept bang or we say "Poni Lempar" a.k.a Polem here hehe). Cuteness overload!

By the way, still preparing for the admittance test, fyuhh, bunch of stuffs I need to put in my head! So, that's it, just a quick update cause I really need to share this cuteness to the world :p
Gotta go back to the books! Bye for now ;)

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