Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Author,

Dear The Almighty Author of a book called My Life,

I want a little time for us to talk. I know You don't talk the way I do, but I know and I believe You are listening. Dear Author, can I have a little clue, where this plot is heading? Because at first I thought a common book will have normally one main conflict to the climax in each chapter, but in this one, why did You make so many?

I know You want to make this story a good one, a precious one to tell, so everyone who reads can learn. But as the main character I am a bit confused. Right now I am at the time setting that I had imagined since long time ago. Have finally decided my next step and only waiting for the result to come, but why did you make such a sudden alteration? I know, I know, it will finally get to the end and it would be beautiful as You Promised, but please guide me through the right path so I don't get lost and can make it on time to the last chapter.

Dear Author, I know You brought in the antagonists as both a challenge and an answer. Answer to all my prayers to You. A challenge because I have to keep smiling and just pray for those who hurt my feeling, that they can change to be better persons. Loathe and hatred will only make me as bad. I believe they also have their own books and that now they're just as lost as I am.

Dear Author, there is just one thing I ask from You, it is to give me strength :) I'll go through all Your twists and turns, climax and anticlimax, if that will make a good story eventually :)

I'm waiting for the happy ending!

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