Monday, April 2, 2012

Love Hate

When love and hate collide.. :)

So some things that I hate:
- Cokes or any soda whatsoever
- Soto and rawon
- reptiles, esp. small ones
- chewy food (yuck)
- K-pop (no offense!)
- smoke
- smell of minyak telon a.k.a. balsem a.k.a minyak kayuputih
- peanut butter
- green and yellow (none of my things that I buy on purpose is in these colours)
- aerobics

And I love:
- Coffee
- Desserts
- Cats and any kind of animals BUT reptiles
- Toddlers :)
- Perfumes/lotions that smell sweet as food (chocolate, banana, vanilla)
- Oreos and snickers
- Purple and salem
- cloudy day
- any form of crafts
- coldplay
- accessories esp. necklaces
- yoga and pilates

And look, some necklaces I made :) Really interested into jewellery making, anybody can tell where to buy good quality supplies?

Have a nice day and take care!

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