Friday, May 25, 2012

Ribbons on The Snow

Soo, got my first cupcakes order with customized decoration. This time it was for my customer (Sofia)'s little sister 17th birthday. A bit scared at first because I never did anything like that before, our cupcakes were always   emphasizing on taste therefore we avoided using too many icing/ornaments cause we were afraid it wouldn't have tasted as delicious. But I told Sofia I'd be willing to try and that it would probably be very simple and easy decoration and she agreed. So thanks dear for making it happen :D So here you go, birthday-theme-decorated red velvet and nutella cupcakes. Apology for the mess!

Soo, definitely need some improvement on decorating cause my sister totally leaves this thing for me :) Got some more decorated cupcakes orders already, wish us luck peeps!

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