Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Flood Song

Went to Jakarta this weekend and met my lovely nieces Baby Lana, Sidi and Raki. I was kinda fed up with malls and not really in the mood of shopping, so my trip this time was dedicated for family time. So happy when I got near them cause they seemed happy near me too :p I have this kinda bond with children because I don't have to pretend when I interact with them and they don't judge. They purely see you based on who you are and how you treat them. If you love them, they love you back. You treat them wrong, they won't even get near you. It's a quality you hardly find in adults. The sincerity:) And to see their laughter, priceless!

And with each day passes and each prayer everyday, I grow more and more sure about one thing. That this is the answer He gave me:) I have done everything, but nothing can fix the broken mirror. So.. goodbye, past. I'm so welcoming a new chapter of my life now. And as much as I have all the reasons to hate, I don't. I guess it's a good sign too. Though I admit I chose to avoid things that can remind. But it's an ongoing process. I know someday I won't feel it so sickening anymore. Still waiting for the rainbow!

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