Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pastel Roses

Got our second decorated cupcakes order :) This time the requested theme was "romantic birthday". I got a little bit better in working with fondants and buttercream, thanks to all the youtube tutorial! So my sister made 18 cupcakes consisting of 3 flavors, our best seller red velvet, nutella, and our newest babies: cookies and cream cupcakes :) I experimented with pastel colours and some birthday-ish shape for the fondant. Working with fondant can be really challenging because it's so sensitive to moisture, it becomes sticky when meeting the heat of your hands and my hyperhydrosis isn't helping me either! But with some determination I managed to nail it. So here you go! Our amateur decorated cupcakes :)

And a little update on my personal life, next week I'm going back to school! There will be some orientation activity and don't know if I'm ready for all the school stuffs, but hey I'm pretty excited! Hopefully in between the school schedule I'll still be able to make cupcakes cause it makes me happy :D 

So that's it readers, till the next post! ;)

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