Thursday, June 28, 2012

Responsibility and Challenge : Movie Themed Cupcakes

Talking about responsibility.. I think that's what determines ones are mature or not. Another lesson learned this week.. I was asked to join my seniors' band (the cardiology residents) in the gathering night, as the keyboardist in their already established band. Long story short, needed a keyboard and I didn't have it so I decided to "rent" from my bestie who owns a studio. She gave me a more-than-I-need  digital stage piano --" with its specific equipments and I was beyond happy to be able to perform with that.. But my bad, because of the chaos and the late-running schedule that night, we lost the piano stand :( so I then had to buy a new one for her, but that's not the point, the point is how I couldn't take care of the things that had been entrusted to me. So.. Noted! I really have to get rid of my carelessness that has gotten me into trouble for so many times. A resolution it is! Anyway, the performance went quite well, for an amateur like me. Last time I was in a band was about 2 years ago and it felt good to be in the studio again;) 

Another highlight of the week is a special requested decorated cupcakes order from my sister's friend who wanted a movie-themed cupcakes for her boyfriend who kinda works in the film-making industry, she specifically requested a pair of clippers, and the rest was up to us. So here you go! The movie themed decorated cupcakes special for dear Putri and Jaka. Quite pleased with the result ;)

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