Saturday, February 2, 2013


I know, it's soo late to make this kinda post since it's February already... but hecticness has won over me that I hadn't got chance to make a proper update to this blog. But hey, it is mandatory for me to make an each year review, soo, here it is :)

2012, if I might give out an award, would be "The Roller Coaster". It started out smooth, got a little bit rocky, then got even rougher, then there came the silver lining that mend it all. A year full of lessons. Full of new things. And full of fun. Let's make a recap.

1. Ended internship in Situbondo
2. Finally chose to attend test for cardiology residency, after a long stretch of battle and argument between me and people around, but mostly a battle with myself :)
3. A break-up, unexpected one.
4. Bali escape with my girlfriends Nadia and Hastika, must say the holiday was kinda a distraction because we were expecting the announcement for residency test but it was still fun! and just what I needed then. Celeberate my 23rd birthday in Bali with the girls too.
5. The announcement, and alhamdulillah I was accepted together with Nadia and Tika. But one of my bestfriend didn't make it, and that kinda reduct my happiness :( But hey, God's got a better plan for you, bestie. I believe.
6. Took-up french class with sissy :)
7. Started a little cupcakes business with my sister, a thing we always dreamt. And surprisingly the customers response was awesome! we get orders constantly and they always love our cupcakes. We name it "Parapluie" which is a french word meaning "Umbrella". Because we started the business during rainy season, and because we thought the word was cute :)
You can find Parapluie on instagram: @parapluie_cupcakes 
8. Got new friends during MKDU which is the 1st semester of my 10 semester residency program. Meet 8 special girls that made my MKDU so fun and colorful, and call ourselves the Sisterhood :p We kinda all knew each other already but just got really close during MKDU and now I cannot imagine my life without them. Love you all, sissies!
9. Played in a band again, only this time at the keyboard :p The band's called Pascal, which is established already before I enter cardiology dept and consisted of cardiology residents. Glad to be part of them!
10. Welcoming new family members, 3 little kittens called Gembul, Polem and Putih, adding up the cats kingdom in our house :D There are total 5 of them now after we gave out Putih to a relative. They're what make the house never empty :)
11. Last but not least... Met someone that I though was perfect (for me), a brother, a friend, an inspiration, but as we got closer we didn't think it worked because of some future vision issue. So we decided we be brother and sister ;) But I thank him for teaching me a lot in such short time. And so.. that left me still single and available :p

Well, that was all I guess.. Sorry for photo-less post. But I hope we've got the point :p 2012 taught me a lot, how to lose, how to forgive, how to deal with different kinds of people, how to restrain and control myself. It taught me that dealing with people disappointment is waay harder than dealing with your own's. I learned how to put your madness and sadness into something good, and most importantly how to be a better me. Thanks Allah, for writing this script for me. Still waiting for the happy ending! :p

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