Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Q: What is Parapluie?
A: It's the 'brand' of me and my sister's little homemade cupcakes business

Q: When did it started?
A: Somewhere around June-July of 2012

Q: What kind of cupcakes concept does Parapluie offer?
A: We offer tasty customizable cupcakes. And by tasty we really do mean tasty. Our cupcakes are moist-textured and created with the best ingredients we could find. We prioritize flavor above everything because after all, cupcakes are made to be eaten. Because we could hardly find nicely decorated cupcakes that taste good as well. We keep the decoration simple and elegant.

Q: What are the variants?
A: Until now we offer 4 kinds of cupcakes flavor: the red velvets (chocolate based with cream cheese topping), nutella (vanilla based with nutella filling), cookies and cream (vanilla based with cookies filling), and rainbow cupcakes (vanilla based with colorful cake and buttercream). The best selling: red velvets and nutella.

Q: How to order?
A: Simply text us in line: aninditadinda or rizkadramadhani, instamessage us @parapluie_cupcakes or text message to: 085852226009 or 08155003311 or BBM to 30c1e63f for fast response; we don't deliver on weekdays and best order 1 week before your due date, especially for the customized ones! 

Q: What's the price? 
A: Price started at Rp 75.000,00/box of 6 (standard topping); and Rp.125.000,00/box of 6 (customized topping-fondant toppers); we accept order of sixfold :) We accept cash or transfer payment. 

So far we got good feedback from our customers, though we carefully limit the amount of order we accept to maintain the quality. Hope you will be our next happy customer! Kindly have a look at our gallery here.

"Because life is uncertain, eat dessert first." -Ernestine Ulmer-

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