Sunday, February 17, 2013


She's smart, and pretty, and came from a wealthy family. She dances, she sings. She has this calming kind of personality. She's funny she's sweet, and she commits to her religion. She's the kind that either male and female will adore, and either young and old will love. The word perfect would be perfect to describe her. She had this one boyfriend for six continuous years. The one she loved so dearly. Everytime she spoke on the phone with him, her eyes lit. Each time she mentioned his name, her lips curved up a little bit. Her face glowed every morning after a sweet date with him the night before. There was only one problem that dragged her down from heaven. She's got no blessings from her mother to be with him.

The reasons always failed to satisfy her. They've tried anything to get her blessings, up to a point that they were both too exhausted, not to the relationship, not to each other, but to the state of trying and never succeeded. Six years of trying. They made a one shot final plan, he was coming to propose to her mother. And that was it, she went home to her hometown for this final shot, and all we could do was pray.

Two weeks later, at one fine morning. She told me this happy news I will never ever forget. "I'm getting married, Dinda.." And I immediately burst to tears, hugged her until she couldn't breath, I was so happy that they finally made it. It took me several speechless minutes until I finally able to speak,
"Congratulations! When? How?" Then she smiled and answer. "In six months, but not with him. I'm getting married to another man, this man (she mentioned a name)" and there goes my second jawdropped moment, even longer than the first one. I cried even harder than the first one. I knew the man she mentioned. He's this fat, funny, clumsy, bad-boy guy that's been chasing her this couple of months, the one she never even consider. The one we thought she'd never considered. The one that was being made fun of in class because of his nerve to even pronounce that he liked her. Because who was him, daring to have a heart to a girl so perfect that many of the so-called-better-guys approaching her had failed. But here he is. Going to be her husband very soon. 

Took me very long and hard talk with her to finally accept that fact. She said her heart was turned upside down in a flash. She said after her boyfriend finally proposed and her mother answered no with all apology, she finally realized that there probably were no reasons, that her mother simply does not feel him. And a mother's intuition is something she cannot ignore. Because mother is the God of the world, she said. Of all, her mother chose him. The big-fat-funny guy. And my dear friend, with all her heart, accepted him.

And the question is, does she love her soon-to-be-husband? I doubted it at first. How come someone moved on that fast? But after seeing them together for a while, the answer is yes. Yes, she loves him. Now the glow on her face and the slight upward curve on her lips are back. But for  a new person. One funny thing is that she remembered she had dreamed for this guy long before they met. I can't be happier for her. Her story made me believe, that Zing really exists. Your zing, my zing, our zings, might come in any way that people never expected. And yes, they will come :)

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  1. And the question is, does she love her soon-to-be-husband? >>> And the question is, does she love him soon-to-be-husband? which one the correct one ??? :D