Monday, June 14, 2010

Cat and Myths

Oh Gosh I feel terrible :(

Today was a superfine day, the class ended early so me and friends managed to have some nice little chit chat while having lunch at the Medicine Cafe. Then we said bye to each other, i went to the parking lot, and my mind was preoccupied, I was going to pick up some lab result then go to the drugstore before finally going home, so I missed that there was indeed a kitten somewhere near my rear tire :(

So long story short, I ran over the kitten without knowing....
Then the parking officer stopped me and told me about that. OMG, i was very shocked because when I looked back the kitten was still moving [having a seizure, maybe, duh :"(] and when it finally stops moving, I assumed it had died. Now what? hikss I really don't know what to do, it was covered with blood but I know I have to bury it. Well, it's not just about the myth *you know, myth that tells whoever accidentally runs over/kills a cat and does not bury the body will get a bad luck, fatal accident, whatsoever* it's just that, you know, I felt guilty and pity for the little kitten and i just wanted to be responsible, that's it. Luckily the parking guy offered to put the 'late' kitten into a plastic bag and put it in the car luggage so I can bury/throw it away somewhere later *somewhere, where? hmmppf*. Anyway thank you so much, mr. nice guy!

Then I called my bf, he said I've done the right thing, he was sooo agreeing me at the idea of burying the unfortunate creature until the point....
ME: I'll ask my gardener to help burying the kitten.
HIM: Whut? No! the elderly says we have to bury it ourselves, some even say we have to wrap the kitten in the clothes we're wearing at the time we killed the cat...
ME: .......... *trying hard not to be superstitious*
HIM: Just bury it yourself.. Let's say we don't believe myths, but there's nothing wrong in doing it... there must me some good purpose behind all that things...
ME: ..... Well.... OK.....

So I drove home slowly *still having a little trauma :(* and thinking about whether or not I MUST bury it myself and wrap it with my clothes. But then when i got home, I found out my gardener was working on the lawn, then i told him about this. And I told him that it was impossible for me to bury it myself because I could not see the body in that condition again and that i was crying all the way because it reminded me of Milan and Alice, my pet kittens. And he quickly dag a hole and asked me where the body was, so i handed over the plastic bag to him and he finished the job neatly. Well, I saw no point in burying it myself neither in wrapping it with my clothes, because I'm a Muslim and I believe all that matters is that you take responsibility for the mistakes you've done. You have to be logic still. Those myths are made for good purpose, you know, for some irresponsible people who will leave the body until it's rotten, then the smell and the scene will disturb everyone, and so on... Creating myth is just a way to frighten people so they won't do the bad things.


I hope you rest in peace, little buddy :'( I am REALLY sorry. I promise to be more careful. Guys, let's wish there won't be any bad lucks or anything bad happening :) *even if it happens, I believe that is not related to any of this* That's just my opinion... What about yours??

Here's some other traditional myths famous in Java:
-Don't sit by the door, or you won't get married anytime soon
-Don't peek on anybody taking a shower, or u'll get a hordeolum *bintitan* hahahaha
-Sweep the floor clean! or your soul mate will be bearded *doh*
-Don't eat while laying, because your head will turn big *see? how these myths have good purpose? This is obviously to prevent asphyxia , but how do u explain it to uneducated people? or to kids? Say your head will turn big, easier for them to accept*

and some more myths....

Actually they are one easy way our elders created to prevent kids or anybody not that educated *sadly, in Indonesia there are still so many uneducated people, proven by how easily they accept and believe the myths rather than being critical and ask how can such bizarre and unrelated things can happen by doing so*

So one more hope... For my beloved country, traditions is good, but in the future, hopefully near future, I really wish education will not still be an exclusive thing :)

Anyway a quote for you guys ;)
"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals."
~ Immanual Kant