Monday, August 2, 2010

The Truth Is

that I am actually uglier than what you see daily, inside and out
that I have this one problem that makes me think nobody will accept me for that
and that the fact he does,
I'm grateful for that :)

Last couple of weeks, we've been busy with my cousin's wedding, and it turned out so great, almost everybody could make it, even cousins from abroad ;) Mba ninna, we missed u, see u on lebaran, for sure!Everybody was dressed up so nicely in green and yellow, so bright yet so calm. Green and yellow are just soulmates :) But of course, on my wedding day, it's gonna be PURPLE. Hahaha, been in so many wedding party, makes me wonder how it'll be on mine! But hey, for now the one thing to be exact and cannot be changed is the colour theme ;)

Here you go, i share u some pics :)And that evening, I was stunned by a makeup, hairdo, and dress of a guest :) Therefore i wanna award her as the best-dressed guest that evening... the award goes tooooo.... Nicole, my cousin's cousin :) Her hair was twisted into sweet and natural curls, accented with flowers, and her dress was bright yellow, just right for her skin and perfectly matched the colour theme! Congratz Nicole, we wuv you that night, just like everyday!!
yup that's her, the little one :)
isn't she charming??

"Fashion is something to accentuate your personality, just don't wear it the other way around" -Me-