Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hola Makasar :)

Hiya readers :)

Soo long since the last time I updated my blog.. Not that I've been that busy or what, I'm in holiday actually now, you know, waiting for the national competence examination. So basicly I was just at home, going to a fitness club, hanging out with friends and stuffs, went out of the city once in a while, Madura (twice actually, because at the very first time I went there with the family, the famous Sinjay duck was full and we ran out of stock hahaha, so I went back there at weekday and taraaa... we each ordered 2 portions of duck and rice hahaha... I went to Jombang also with my friends, then continued to Batu to the Jatim Park II which I haven't got a chance to show u the photos... it was really fun :)

But now I am in Makasar, not for holiday, but this trip is in a mission, to accompany my sick dearest cousin, Ragil. Poor her, she's got a real sensitive stomach, probably because of the chronic gastritis and the wide range of allergy she's got. Besides, like a few months ago she got an accident that caused her internal bleeding, also in the stomach area. But now basically i think she's just having a gastroenteritis/diarrhea, but probably also comorbids with her allergy. She was admitted to two different hospitals just within three days, and her parents do not live in Indonesia. So her mother called me if I could fly to Makasar to accompany her, just in case something happens. The crazy part is that this is my first trip flying solo, to Makasar, I don't know anything about it, not to mention the language, so I wasn't sure how could I be any help? but my mom said it would be OK so here i am! I think she's already getting better now, and I hope she'll be really healthy soon so she can go on with the college stuffs. She is a really tough girl, I know she can make it!
the first meal at the hospital, COTO MAKASSAR, yummm :D

The "Kesebelasan", Ragil's close group of friends who came to visit yesterday, they surely made her day! :)

So will update soon! Wish her get well soon everybody...