Monday, January 31, 2011

Situbondo 2011

So many great things already happened in just a month of 2011. I can officially be called a doctor after the inauguration on 12 January. And as told earlier, me and my friends are the first batch to go through this internship thing, a new program from the government for the newly inaugurated doctors. So in order to get our own registration letter to start our own practice, we have to go through 1 year of internship in the appointed regions. Lucky for us, since this is the first batch, so there's only 147 of us, all from Airlangga University, and we all get located still in East Java. We get to choose our friends (14-15 each group) and the place then randomly selected by lottery. FYI, the lottery moment was so freaking scary!! We were hoping for a nice place with an easy access to Surabaya, that's all. And... we got Situbondo...


No clue at first --"
All I knew were it was a sea shore area, near Pasir Putih beach, a place I used to stop by during driving trip to Bali. 5-6hour drive from Surabaya. So many thing went through my mind, worried but also excited. Most of the people are Maduranese, so there'll be little trouble communicating. But keep optimist! As long as we have good will, I'm sure there's good way :)

So, wish me luck.. will update soon! Intending to write short daily posts about my days here... Hope u won't get bored, readers :)