Sunday, August 28, 2011

(Almost) Celebration

Hiyaaaaaa readers!!

Been such a looong time not updating this blog.. I know I promised to update regularly but there is a problem with my laptop and the wireless network in my place, it just wouldn't connect :( The technician said there was a crash of IP adress or whatever it is, so I've to go to the girls' house if I want to go online with my laptop :(

So here I am.. Tomorrow's the last day of Ramadhan and I'm still here in Situbondo, going home tomorrow afternoon after visiting the patients. Excited! Can't wait to meet my big family! But just so you know, fasting in Situbondo isn't that bad at all, in fact I feel so much in a better mood during Ramadhan than the other days before, probably because there are not much things to do and not much entertainment here, so I do feel like I fast better here, more focused ;)

And these recent months are the months of babies.. My cats are welcoming their baby boy Cepot :) We were so surprised because we didn't notice that Milan was pregnant, and all of sudden she was missing and when we found her in the attic she already delivered this baby kitten..

When Cepot was a few-day-old

Meet Daddy Gareng, Mommy Milan and Baby Cepot, the Keluarga Sakinah :))

And this is my fave pics of them.. Daddy daddy can I pway wif u?? :3

And the funny thing was.. everybody were soo crazy about Cepot, he was being seriously overrated! haha. My Dad bought a new desklamp and made an incubator-look-alike thingy to keep him warm. My sister sent me pics and videos of him every couple of hours and so was my mom. Hahaha, we're so happy to welcome our new family member!

The next baby coming was just yesterday, another niece from my cousin in Jakarta, yeay! Welcome baby Risang Sidi Gitaya :) Cannot wait to see you! Sadly they couldn't come for Idul Fitri because of the post op thingy, but don't worry I'll visit Jakarta soon!

This is Baby Sidi! Look how cute she is with those chewy cheeks :3

So happy! The smell of celebration is here already! There were actually so many things to share with u guys, but I won't make this post too long, coz it's only two days before Idul Fitri and you don't wanna miss tarawih ;)

Happy Idul Fitri 1432H
Taqabalallahu minna wa minkum
Shiyamana wa shiyamakum
Please forgive every mistakes I have made :)