Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Probably because it's halloween, the majority of today's ER patients are 'bloody' patients.. Rawr... Smelling blood makes me thirsty! LOL :D

Still exploring my mac.. And downloaded some cuties photoedit stuffs from the itunes.. And now I'm in a dilemma since my Itouch is jailbroken and I desperately want to update to ios 5 :( I really wanna try iCloud and the reminder thingy.. Does anyone know how to backup my applications before switching to ios5? Gotta do a little research now...

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween and Desserts and Sumpah Pemuda :)

Happy Halloween! :D

I know it is a western tradition, but I really think it's cute to have little kids and adults wearing fun costumes and go around door-to-door trick or treating :) A pity we don't have Halloween tradition here because there are so many kind of ghosts in Indonesia :p

And Mr.Daddy Gareng is celebrating halloween also, wearing Superman costume :D

Gareng's fashion show on the livingroom table :p, isn't he adorable?

And Halloween means party, party means desserts and you knowwwww I love love love desserts.. I can skip main course and jump to dessert! And here are some of my faves.



CREME BRULEE by Hare and haters


And some shots from IGD yesterday (there was a celebration but I wasn't sure whether it's the hospital bday or the Sumpah Pemuda? :p)

HAPPY SUMPAH PEMUDA! Let us be great young people who will bring the world to a better one!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

ER report today, and MEATSHOP Wagyu Steak Amateur Review :)

Holaaa readers :)

It's me, posting again :)
It's surprising how the last three weeks 'guarding' the Emergency Room in the one and only government hospital in this small town Situbondo has taught me more lesson than probably the previous 4 months in the ambulatory unit. Being 'raised' in the class A hospital with its complete facilities during medschool make me rely too much on those modern and sophisticated diagnostic test results, while here the hospital is still classified as class C, with it's very limited facilities, so the lack of things you can do for your patients sometimes make u just wanna cry. Knowing that there are already wayy more advanced technology out there and that slight different result can make difference in the prognosis of the patients. But hey, the positive side is that we really are required to really master the physical examination.

The ER here if I may describe, is a very small room probably 1/4 or less the size of the ER I used to work in during Medschool, and it is more like the triage than ER in function. Most of the time we just diagnose the patients by rewriting the signs and symptoms just in medical language, then we plan the lab tests, x-rays if necessary, ultrasound (mostly will be done the next day) and transport the patients to the 'suitable' wards without waiting for the results. So mainly we treat symptomatically, so that they 'survive' until the next day when the specialists visit and review the results, thus giving more appropriate treatments. Except for those with really blown-up signs and symptoms that we already 100% sure about the diagnosis. And here are some things I learned here..

- I always remember the internist here telling me that the way people think in small town like this, especially them who come from the lower educational and socioeconomic background are very much different from them in big cities. They almost always come to medical services only if their diseases and sickness are already unbearable and disturb their daily life/work. So they demand with just a SINGLE visit the doctor a.k.a medical services can cure them and they can immediately go back to their normal life. That's why here symptomatic cure is always given brutally and is the most important factor that will also impact what they think about their doctor. Some with higher education can be told that there are many diseases that needs continuous medicine and routine check-ups. But let's say.. most of the ER's patients here are considered in the first group.

- Antibiotics and their rational use.. still and will always be an issue in Indonesia, probably, and don't see that it will change anytime soon because of the old paradigms.. But not gonna talk about this in this post, will be too long :D

-Immunization and vaccines programs here really should be re-evaluated.. proved by abundant tetanus cases and recent diphtery outbreaks.. TBCs are very common also. Anyway the patients are usually teenagers at the youngest, so the immunization time were 15-20 years backwards, by now there should be a far improvement :)

-The case of tentament suicide, conversion reaction and psychosomatic disorders here is very high.. Probably because of the people temperaments? or the irrational hot weather? hehehe this could be an interesting field of research, for them who is interested in psychiatry :)

Okayyy so those are some early conclusion after three weeks in the ER, now let's do a little shopping review.. Well guys, I'm actually planning to put in a little review on anything I've experienced, from movies, beauty products, restaurants, just to add a little spice to this blog :p And to make it a little useful to the readers, if there is any :p Now my treasure find is.. tarraaa...

Excuse the poor picture quality, I am too lazy to bring camera everywhere so always capture anything with my 3.2mp oldschool phone camera :P

It is the MEATSHOP wagyu tenderloin 9+ medium well with potato and brocolli au gratin and mushroom sauce :)

This is my BF's bday treat :p Not my average pocket-friendly dinner... Just for special occasion :) The Meatshop is located on HR Muhammad street, Surabaya. It claimed to be the best steakhouse and gourmet spot in Surabaya with finest ingredients and tempting dishes. This is another ranch-market like steakhouse that allows us to choose our own meatloaf and each and every detail of it's side dish. Basically a meatshop with quite various range of choice starting from (believe it or not) IDR 6.000/100g (local meats) until the 9+ wagyu for IDR 170.000/100g. OK let's start this amateur review :)

1. PLACE : 3 out of 5
Comfy enough for casual dinner, but no music, no candlelight, no extraordinary view.. So this is actually not the best place for fine dining :p Most of the visitors are dressed in casuals.. Saw many foreigners with Australian and American accents, so I am concluding that this place actually meet their standards. TIPS: choose the downstair seats, ignore the waiters/waitresses offer for the upstair ones because it's even more boring :D

2. SERVICE : 4 out of 5
The waiters/waitresses are knowledgeable enough to inform their customers about the meat selection, drinks come immediately, free breads for starters, making waiting not so long.. And the wait itself is not so long considering its weekend...

3. FOOD : 4.5 out of 5
The wagyu tenderloin was delightful, the right medium-well as I requested, juicy and fresh enough you don't need that much sauce.. Melts in your mouth. I order it with potato au gratin and brocolli au gratin which was probably a mistake cause they tasted the same, should have chosen sauteed mushroom or stirfried mixed veggies, maybe for a little more contrast. Mushroom sauce was fine but I prefer my BF's sauce the steak sauce. Only give them 4.5 because of the mushroom sauce..

4. PRICE : 4 out of 5
For my 170gr Wagyu 9+ tenderloin and full side dishes it is not that expensive, comparing to other 9+ wagyus in other places such as La Rucola... There is a slightly lower quality also the 4/6 wagyu that my BF ordered and the 2/3 wagyu which is less pricey but still gives you that 'ohhh' wagyu melting feeling :) But for the 4/6 and 2/3 you have to order minimum 200g.

So overall I give it 4.5 out of 5 for Meatshop Wagyu Tenderloin + Potato Au Gratin + Broccoli Au Gratin just because of the place is not that fancy and my own fault choosing the mushroom sauce. Excited to try other cheaper menus, though, and will review soon!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost the Deadline, or not?

Heyy you readers...

Been busy :p (Okay, I know, me myself is fed up too with this excuse) but, this time it's true, hehe. Been enjoying my ER (Emergency Room/IGD) part of this supposed-to-be-1-year internship. I love working in the ER because time flies so fast, during your 8-hour shift you'll be working like a horse, and then going home you'll sleep cause of tiredness, then it's your shift again, go home and sleep, just repeating over and over during the week and tarraaa.. suddenly it's holiday time :p But then, I realize something.. My deadline is also getting very2 close.. It's just 3 months to go.. and I still haven't decided yet what I'll do after finishing internship :( God I desperately need your help by now, please? :(

I am one of those people who (sadly) is not passionate enough into ANY of the subjects in medicine. As I've mentioned before.. My passion has always been in art, music, crafts, but my parents wanted me to be a doctor, and I really think making your parents happy is 1 of few things you can do to pay them back for everything. And so I do fine in meds, I got fine marks and I survived through the rough 5.5 years medschool+almost 1 year internship. But now I'm on the end of the bridge and this is the time that I have to really CHOOSE. I know for certain that I want to take a specialist program but what I still cannot decide is what department I'm gonna be taking.. Sometimes I thought it's ophthalmology, sometimes I thought it's pediatric, sometimes obstetric and even what recently popped is cardiology... Oh my... Gotta really decide since the clock is ticking and I have to start preparing, If i wanna past the tests...

But just a couple of days back I heard an unpleasant rumour about our internship getting extended for another year.. But it was just (still) a rumour, I shouldn't have bothered.. But I don't deny I felt just a little bit of relief knowing that I would have 1 extra year to really decide what I want to do next :p

Btw, had been struggling with my skin care nowadays since the wheather here in Situbondo is probably 40 degrees C and my face is literally melting everytime I tried to put on anything on it.. And since the sun is shining like there's no tomorrow I got problems here and there.. dehydrated skin cause of over-perspiration (my analysis :p) and no effective sunscreen since it melts right away the moment it touches my face.. Cracked lips.. as always.. So I'm really looking for anything to neutralize the bad effects and to soothe my angry skin.. And found these little cuties that rescued my skin...

1. Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm

Found this at Skinfood, galaxy mall and by the time I wasn't actually looking for lip care because I had tried everything for my cracked lips and none really worked so I was almost at desperate state.. Was currently using the plain vaseline petroleum jelly for my lips.. But the sales lady commented on how terrible my lips looked and suggested this product to me, and I was tempted by the oh-so-cute packaging.. It does look and felt like honey.. and plus a really sweet and nice strawberry smell.. And surprisingly no "yucky lipbalm" taste.. So i decided to give this cutie a try.. Got it for IDR 166.000 I think.. And surprisingly it worked well! Been using it for a week day and night and my lips are already in better condition. This strawberry one is slightly tinted red, but there are also the orange and honey flavor which are not as tinted. If you have cracked lips problem like me you might give this one a try.. felt and looked better than the petroleum jelly...

Got some other stuffs from skinfood but there's no time now, it's almost time for the ER shift, so probably continuing the review in the next posts.. ciao readers!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to you

Happy 26th bday Mr. Rainbow.. Though I cannot be with you today but I hope this card represents how much I want it to be there :) All the best wishes in the world!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogging a new way

Hey readers :)

I'm smiling while writing this post, that's because i'm typing this from my brand new laptop that finally replaced my old netbook one. Not that I hate my netbook or what, it's been accompanying me faithfully for the past several years, but It's been through too many services and a tiny netbook like that shouldn't have carried those too much works.. So now I put you to retirement, little whitey! Just gonna use u for some easy and light presentation job :)

Soo.. be ready for a more updated posts afterwards!