Friday, November 18, 2011

Sneak Peak : My Essentials

Readers! :)

Probably you're all asking why I bother to write such blog like this. Well, I always love writing since I was little. I liked to write short stories and sent them to magazines, and got some of them published as well (Bobo, Mentari) ;) Writing, for me, is a therapy. To pour anything that goes through my mind. After a hectic or boring, fun or crazy day. This blog really is becoming my diary. Because there are moments that you want to remember, and some things you wanna share to others. I like re-reading my blog, because there are small details in those moments that I already forget and I recall only after reading my post written back then. I am really grateful I live in the internet era, where writing and publishing is easy, and free for everyone. There are space for everyone to show their creativity.

I love love loove blogwalking. There are some really great bloggers that I follow. Somehow I am so inspired by great things that they do and put on their blog, because I know they are all ordinary people like me who loves writing, and that what they put on their blog really exist in life, real and honest. I always prefer reading reviews from regular people rather than the experts. I agree with them more often :p Movie, books, beauty products, anything:) But of course we have to be selective.

Today's sneak peak into what's inside my bag.. I am a girl who refuses to leave home without my huge bag. I carry around the same bag everyday and my essential stuffs I cannot live without! That's why I hate to switch bags. Here you go :p

1. Brandless Drawstring Bag which is actually my sister's :p
2. Makeup case --> inside : Vanilla perfume, The Face Shop lipgloss, Clean n clear blotting paper, L'oreal infallible brown liner, loose powder. These are emergency kits for a woman really! :p
3. Phone case --> inside are my blackberry, Itouch and sometimes cdma phone.
4. Tissue, definitely a MUST! due to my hyperhidrosis, I really am one big contributor in tree extinction :( I'm really sorry, earth, for using so many tissues :(
5. Hand-San(itizer), my favorite brand Caress -Lavender, the only one that doesn't smell too strong... This is another must since I work at hospital, where you constantly exposed to those infectious germs..
6. Hair clip
7. Round brush --> another emergency kit :p
8. My huge fossil purse (Bf's gift! :*)
9. Vitamin C
10. My medical kit : stethoscope, rubber gloves, reflex hammer, penlight
11. Lastly, forget to take a pic, my room key! No.1 most important item hehe :D

Inside makeup kit

so those are my daily essentials, what's yours? :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy (Forgotten) Heroes' Day :)

10 November in Indonesia is known and celebrated as "National Heroes' Day" to commemorate the battle between Indonesian nationalists militias and British Allied forces in Surabaya, East java, on November 10, 1945. This is the first large scaled armed conflict between Indonesia and foreign forces since our independence day on August 17, 1945. Since I am not in Surabaya today, so (luckily?) I miss the celebration that is annually held in Grahadi Surabaya, usually some ceremonies and parades dedicated to our National heroes. And since the Grahadi is located in the center of the city on the main road, these ceremonies always cause traffic due to road blockade.. hehehe. Do you know that almost every country celebrate their own heroes' day? You can read more HERE. Glad to see that the world seriously honor their heroes, an old quotes, I believe, says: "The strong nations are the ones who honor their heroes"

But personally.. I am not a big fan of those too ceremonial thingy, because after all they're just, well, ceremony. I believe not so long time ago, I just watched the news about a national hero's widow that is accused of some charges regarding the house that should be returned to the country once the veteran passed away. It is a public concern that our former heroes that is now old and fragile, living inappropriate life without anyone paying attention. We shouldn't have just honored them who died during battles, them who actually survived were actually kind of forgotten. So sad :( I even accidentally found this group in a social network called THE FORGOTTEN HEROES-PAHLAWAN YANG TERLUPAKAN. You guys might wanna check it out :)

Well soo.. I hope the government pays better attention to the veterans, they deserve a graceful life after what they did for our country. Happy Heroes' day!!

*pictures taken from "THE FORGOTTEN HEROES GROUP" -linked above*
They deserve decent life..

p.s. I really want to dedicate this post to my all time favorite REAL national hero since he'd just passed just a few days ago (my previous post), My beloved granpa Bapak San.. Happy Heroes' Day Granpa! :)

Last salute from the force and his friends :)

And one of his last warm smile I'll always cherish in my heart :)

Quick Movie Reviews

Holaa readers :)

Just got back from Surabaya again, 3-day-holiday, as usual, felt like a blink of eyes :p Anyway, managed to catch up with the new movies I hadn't got time to watch previously :D Me and my bf really is a movie junkie couple, I think most of our dates we spent it for movies. Plus lately my mom So here are the quick reviews! Enjoy :)

1. Tintin - Mystery of The Unicorn (Non 3D)
Rate : 4.5 out of 5

Another astonishing animation, this movie spoils your vision really :) An enjoyment to watch! I'm really amazed by how great animated movies nowadays.. For Tintin fans this is an absolute must :) For a Tintin's not-lover-nor-hater like me, surprisingly this is also entertaining. Proportional combination of action, cuteness, comedy, and a little twist here and there, typical detective story:) Took a way the half point only because I found the ending a bit guessable for a 'mystery' genre, but after all, this is a great enjoyment for anyone, any age. Watched this with my mom and brother and they liked it as much as I did :)

2. Real Steel
Rate: 4.5 out of 5

Hugh Jackman + robots+ father-son drama + quite unique plot, the producer really pick the right stuffs! Love love this, did not expect to enjoy the movie this much, considering I lost my interest in robots since Transformers the 2nd (I know, I know, boo me :p). Again, a visual spoiling movie, great views, dazzling robots, and the cute kid (Dakota Goyo as Max), and the robot Atom, keeps you wow-ing from the beginning to the end of the movie. A quite long duration of 127mins and didn't realize it. Another great family movie with loads of moral message :) Unfortunately had to take away the 0,5 because after the movie ended I found some important points in the movie left unexplained.. so we still have that little 'itchy' feeling about this and that, such as where Atom came from, hehe, but anyways just don't think too much and you'll enjoy this much!

3. In Time
Rate: 3 out of 5

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, both apples of the eyes, but didn't do much in acting I think :( But the plot is interesting and quite original, although the background and setting building was weak. It is confusing whether the director wanted the movie set in the far future? of near future? because nothing looks futuristic in the setting :p And why did the human engineering start after all, no explanation. Probably a rich idea, but poor execution :( An OK movie IF you already watched Tintin and Real Steel and Johnny English :p

4. Johnny English Reborn
Rate: 4 out of 5

A cure for us who's been missing Rowan Atkinson's comedy.. A good choice of movie if you need some good laugh.. Yes it is funny, but don't expect it to be as funny as Mr. Bean's movies, it's half action anyway :p Nobody can resist Mr. Atkinson's expression.. it is indeed funny:) Nothing surprising, anyway, nothing really new and innovative, if you watched Johnny English the first movie. Gave it 4 because hey, it's Rowan Atkinson and yes it's damn funny!

Mr. Rowan Atkinson the genius :)

So, guys, for you who haven't watched these movies and still confused which one is worth spending your money and your previous time, I hope this help! Out of the 4 movies I recommend Real Steel the most :)

Oh, and I took a pic with my tiny folding bike :) This is in front of the RSUD Abdoer Rachem Situbondo, the hospital where I work now.

I'm gonna miss this bike to work routine when internship is over:)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Greatest Man :)

It was a cloudy afternoon, a pretty day, pretty date 1/11/11 when I received the shocking news. My beloved Grandpa passed away.. Bapak San, the way we all call him.H. Prof. DR. Rachmat Santoso, Sp. PA (K), the way people write his name on invitations , events, and literatures. I was so shocked that I couldn't think of anything that time, I didn't believe so I tried to reconfirm and reconfirm but eventually the news was true :') We've lost him. We've lost the greatest man in our lives. The date was pretty and it was slightly raining :)

Bapak San was a humble, friendly, smiley, yet brilliant and never stopped learning his entire life. His entertainment was always watching the news, reading National Geographic, his daily newspaper KOMPAS, or Reader's Digest. He was a Professor but never act nor look like one. He was the vigorous little man who used to walk to our house every Sunday Morning, and always asked for his fave drink hot plain green tea :') He was always keen on sharing his knowledge and experience to us children and grandchildren. Everybody who heard Grandpa's name would always tell us he was a really good man.

I will not write his biography here, what I would like to remember is not that he was a soldier fighting for Indonesia back then, nor that he was a Professor, or that he was the Dean of Faculty of Medicine for some periods, but the fact that he was always there for everyone, with his laughs, his stories, and his amazing ability to make everybody feel close to him, feel comfortable yet respectful near him. He remembers people's name, big people, small people, professors, doctors, friends of his children, friends of his grandchildrens. His love for science equals his love for family:)

One of the all-touching speeches before the funeral was given by dr. Imam Susilo, Sp.PA, a colleague, in the Hall of Medical Faculty Unair.
"Prof. Rachmat Santoso was a really dedicated man. And his love to Anatomic Pathology is beyond belief. During his retirements he still always came to the hospital, taught and shared difficult cases to the juniors. Everytime a new textbook was published, he bought one and put it in the library so that we all can read. Not rarely did he pay for the PA students to attend seminars. His love to nation, I think, everybody who knew him close enough would know, his hobby of sharing the stories of his battle for Indonesian Independence, while showing us pictures that he neatly kept in a small album. We have lost a person that had given so much to the world."

That was the most honest speech and it is really him. No more, no less:) Just the way we knew him.

Nothing can explain our love to you and how deep our condolence is, but we are ikhlas, because you actually left nothing unfinished, nothing unprepared, just us not ready :) Be happy there grandpa, we will see you in heaven :') The world really had lost one of their greatest humanbeing, a patriot, a mentor, a professor, a learner, a father, grandfather, grand-grandfather, uncle, anything you will name him.. we never actually lose you because the knowledge you shared, the amal jariyah you made, and the prayers from us your children will accompany you and more than enough memories to keep you in our hearts.

"0 Allah, forgive our dead and alive, our present and absent, our young and old, our male and female [Muslims]. 0 Allah, whomever among us You gave life, let him live with Islam. Whomever among us You took life from, let him die with Iman (Faith)”

"‘My Lord! Forgive me and my parents. Bestow Your mercy on them as they took care of me when I was young."