Monday, April 23, 2012

Le Sucre

Thanks to my sister's boyfriend for giving an oven as her bday present! Our old one is too much trouble to bake with, and this was our first experiment, "Stracho Profiteroles" (Strawberry-chocolate profiteroles). We can say it was a success! We filled some with cheese and also vanilla ice cream and they were all delicioso!

Happy 21st dear sissy! I hope u'll reach your dreams within a blink of eyes! Stay happy, stay funny, stay dorky, stay cute! ;)

soo brace yourselves for more baking posts! Au revoir :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012


By The Trees and The Wild

Your single side won’t be denied
Your melodramatic instant sign
Is beyond my reach

Missing you is just too much
Why don’t you just figure it out?
You’re fading

And I’m still waiting

Those words that you wrote on the postcard
Is as cold as the winter chill
Seems to me it’s not a priority
It’s just another little sign
That you’re fading

And I’m still waiting
And you’ll fade away

Is all,
Won't you see the sign?
And sing, la la la...

(lyrics from lyricsmania)

String and Beads

Made some more jewelries/necklaces :)

You know what, life is actually like stringing beads, it needs determination and patience, and a good design to make it work:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Je M'appelle Dinda

Take up french class with sissy! Yeay! :) So much fun to meet new people and inhale a new atmosphere :)

Anyway, I used to hate the fact that my parents don't call me with my real name and they made a nickname instead. It sucked as a kid, having to explain over and over again to people who asked why there was no Dinda in my real name. But as I grow up, I also grow liking it because it shows who really knows you and who doesn't.

So, that's it, super random post! ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Author,

Dear The Almighty Author of a book called My Life,

I want a little time for us to talk. I know You don't talk the way I do, but I know and I believe You are listening. Dear Author, can I have a little clue, where this plot is heading? Because at first I thought a common book will have normally one main conflict to the climax in each chapter, but in this one, why did You make so many?

I know You want to make this story a good one, a precious one to tell, so everyone who reads can learn. But as the main character I am a bit confused. Right now I am at the time setting that I had imagined since long time ago. Have finally decided my next step and only waiting for the result to come, but why did you make such a sudden alteration? I know, I know, it will finally get to the end and it would be beautiful as You Promised, but please guide me through the right path so I don't get lost and can make it on time to the last chapter.

Dear Author, I know You brought in the antagonists as both a challenge and an answer. Answer to all my prayers to You. A challenge because I have to keep smiling and just pray for those who hurt my feeling, that they can change to be better persons. Loathe and hatred will only make me as bad. I believe they also have their own books and that now they're just as lost as I am.

Dear Author, there is just one thing I ask from You, it is to give me strength :) I'll go through all Your twists and turns, climax and anticlimax, if that will make a good story eventually :)

I'm waiting for the happy ending!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Love Hate

When love and hate collide.. :)

So some things that I hate:
- Cokes or any soda whatsoever
- Soto and rawon
- reptiles, esp. small ones
- chewy food (yuck)
- K-pop (no offense!)
- smoke
- smell of minyak telon a.k.a. balsem a.k.a minyak kayuputih
- peanut butter
- green and yellow (none of my things that I buy on purpose is in these colours)
- aerobics

And I love:
- Coffee
- Desserts
- Cats and any kind of animals BUT reptiles
- Toddlers :)
- Perfumes/lotions that smell sweet as food (chocolate, banana, vanilla)
- Oreos and snickers
- Purple and salem
- cloudy day
- any form of crafts
- coldplay
- accessories esp. necklaces
- yoga and pilates

And look, some necklaces I made :) Really interested into jewellery making, anybody can tell where to buy good quality supplies?

Have a nice day and take care!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't Waste Your Time Crying :)

I understand that people get bored, and they get tired. They need to escape from the routines, the main timeline for some time. Playing around a little bit and taking risks. Escaping is like trying to refresh their minds, so they can empty up their full garbage and then get back to the routines, with a 'cleaned' mind. It's a vacation. It's just sometimes.. they escape the wrong way that they go too far from what they should be doing, and when it's time for the vacation to end, their actual work is already ruined, and there's no way to put it back together, that you have to start over.

When there are some abrupt changes that make you like, really, really, sad and taken aback, and you think that it has destroyed you... Well.. Think again. It's just a tiny part of your life. Focus on the other aspects that stay the same, or might turn even better. Take a look at the other doors that might be opened already. And that will help you smile up! :)