Monday, July 9, 2012

The Cold and the Play

If anyone asks me what's my favorite band/musician, I always did and will always answer undoubtedly: Coldplay. I think their music is genius, calming, skillful, yet dynamic at the same time. Mr. Chris' voice never failed me and he's got the swag too :) Watched The Amazing Spiderman (twice! haha yes I know, lame :p) and instantly fell in love with the soundtrack : Til Kingdom Come - Coldplay. It's currently being played and replayed on my playlist. 

And.. for the cupcakes update, got many decorated orders this weekend, have posted all of them in my instagram, but kinda not in the mood to upload them to this blog right now, I'm afraid you guys will be bored :p 

School have officially started since 2 weeks ago, and kinda still adapting to the new routines. Since my brain had lost most of it's attention span capability, attending a 4 hour lecture every day takes a really hard work *sigh*. But new atmosphere is always entertaining :D 'School' is much different now and back in the undergraduate program. Dealing with friends with various backgrounds and big big range of age, title, and origin is really challenging. I've to call them 'mbak' and 'mas' and even some want us to call them 'Pak' --" but heeyy.. despite all the differences, we still make a solid team! Here are some pics after we watched Spiderman together. Grateful to be a part of them!